Play of the Week #1

Play of the Week #1

By Rebecca Clarke

It’s time to get online!

With constantly changing COVID-19 rules, it is increasingly important for the retail food and hospitality industry, particularly restaurants, to get online. Digitalizing your business can help to increase awareness of your services, streamline the ordering process, build your brand, increase sales and more. Some ways to increase your online presence include creating a website, getting on social media, offering digital gift cards, and joining a local, app-based delivery service or pooling resources to create your own delivery service. The food retail and hospitality industry is constantly changing and the investment into digitalizing your business is one that can reap benefits even after the pandemic.

Interview insights…

The owner of a cafĂ© in downtown London stated that back in March they made the decision to create an online delivery service and that they were grateful for this because they were able to tap into this service when they reopened their business.   

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